Wizkid “Jaiye Jaiye” Video Review…The BEST NIGERIAN VIDEO OF ALL TIME! See Why!

We’ve been waiting for Wizkid to drop the
video for this mesmerizing and melodic track
for some time now. Finally, it is here! The
video starts with Wizkid venturing through the
forest, head down, and cloaked in a black
cape. Immediately, we see that Sesan (the
video director) was not playing any games!
The video quality/ clarity is crisp! Definitely a
10/10 when it comes to that aspect. Next we
are taken to a scene with dancers in the
bush.. Many people may wonder, “what in the
world does this have to do with Omo Jaiye
Jaiye?” but one has to look beyond the
obvious. Wizkid is now at such a level of
superstardom that it’s not only Nigerians that
are watching his every move, it’s not only
Africans, but it’s various people around the
globe. This scene, with their mixture of
traditional dances, as well as modern hip hop
dances helps to welcome and give insight to
newcomers, about what the vibe of afro-beats
is really all about. Next we are taken to a more
modern scene of Wizkid cruising around in his
pricey car, with various flashes of him
swagging out in crisp clothing on a bridge
somewhere in the middle of the forest. His
mixture of a classy button down top, with the
festive ankara pants helps to give appeal not
only to the Nigerian market, but showcases a
welcoming style to those who are viewing him
internationally. Next we are taken to the
glorious Shrine! First we get to see his
beautiful back up dancers getting ready in the
dressing rooms, while winding seductively to
the music. The dancers were shot in a very
sexy, classy, and cultural way. Showcasing
the beauty of African women, and women as a
whole. Wizkid is then seen walking to the
shrine with his entourage. Showing the world
that he has not forgotten who was there for
him from day one. He then proceeds to rock
the stage with his backup dancers, and Femi
Kuti on the Sax. He sprays the crowd, and
shows respect to Femi. We are then left with a
clever blinking image of Fela himself.
With all of this being said, the reason why this
video is the best Nigerian music video of all
time, is because of the balance that is
incorporated throughout the whole video. The
video appeals to EVERYONE. Whether Nigerian
or abroad. Young or old. But most
importantly, the video defines Wizkid’s
personality and his image down to the very
last detail. It showcases a hip, and lively
young man who has a love for his culture, but
still embraces modern trends while showing
pride for his home country. And last but not
least, this entire video shows that he has
respect for Fela. If anyone has anything
negative to say about this video, we suggest
you go make your own, and see if it is even
HALF as good as what was displayed in this
Wizkid, we thank you for this video. We thank
you for making Nigeria proud. We thank you
for making Africa proud. It’s your time.



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